Nau Mai Haere Mai

Welcome to Waiariki Whānau Mentoring

We are a Māori owned and operated Hauora with a Charitable Purpose.

We provide Mentoring, Brokering and Advocacy services designed to make positive changes in the lives of Whānau living on the fringe.

Our space allows our Whanau to share without being judged and persecuted which gives them an opportunity to be who they are through sharing stories which begins the healing process. 

Te whare Taiope ō piripono

The haven of devotion and support

Kōkuhu mai ki te poho ō Rongo (Te Atua rongo-nui ō te aroha me te mārie) whakapiri mai ki te Waiāriki Whanau Kaiārahi whakaruruhau. E ngākau-nui nei ki te Manaaki me te tautoko i te whanau Tokomatua e ngākau-nui nei ki te raparapa i te huarahi.
Tūturu whaka-mauā kia tīnā, haere mai te toki hāumi ē, hui ē, tāiki ē
Enter the realm of Rongo (God of love and peace) join with us Te Waiāriki Whānau Mentoring fraternity. Our energies are dedicated to providing mentoring and support to whanau who are searching for salvation.
Let us be firm & dedicated, come hither the adze our work is done, hold fast in unity.


Our Vision

Our vision to see a stronger and more positive Māori presence and participation in all aspects of Aotearoa which starts with supporting one whānau at a time, transitioning every person we engage with from dependency to independence through our Te Wai Aio Model of Care.

Independence means something different for everyone, and our service tailors itself to what matters to the whanau we work with.

Whānau First

Whanau are central in all that we do and in helping our whanau to become independent, is it vitally important that the whole whanau is involved in the transition to independence.

As a result of putting whānau first, be have reduced re-offending, re-incarcerated, drug and whānau harm and suicide in droves. 

Our Programmes And Services

Our programmes and services use approaches that are grounded in Te Ao Māori and principles of Faith, Hope and Love.

We work comprehensively with a network of partners and community-based providers, Iwi and our Treaty Partners to ensure the best possible outcomes for our whanau.

Authentic Grassroots Relationships

In addition, we have authentic grassroots relationships with those of influence who are willing to work with WWM.

We have equally strong relationships with wahine and tamariki within the fringe whanau space. We can walk into their spaces as we are trusted and respected. 

Through this we are seeing successes for whole whanau in not just making change, but transforming their lives with our support.


Presbyterian Support Northern (PSN) is an organisation built upon partnerships, trust and a deep respect for the indigenous people of Aotearoa. In telling this story, and in sharing the experiences of the tāne and whānau connected to this kaupapa, the privilege is ours.

Our organisation relies on a partnership developed upon faith and potential. From the outset of our relationship, PSN witnessed such passion and determination among the team of Waiariki Whānau Mentoring (WWM). A determination to envision a new life for whānau and tamariki living on the fringe. 

This is a new world kaupapa, dedicated to working differently within the hard spaces and places on the fringe of society.

This is a special and unique kaupapa designed to working differently within the hard to reach communities, those living on the fringe of society.

This is work that required all of us to take risks, to open our hearts and minds to experiences and ways of being that we might not have experienced before.

Our journey together required a true leap of faith, learning together as we grew in our commitment to this vision.

The stories and outcomes that echo on each page of our website are shared with aroha and respect. They are shared in the hope that each individual and organisation it reaches feels a sense of support for this new way of working, seeing each contributor as a person full of potential.

We thank you PSN for believing in us and believing in the whānau we serve.

Hours of Operation 08.30am to 5.00pm


Head Office - 13 Canning Place



240 The Strand



1215 Fenton Street



2/223 Leith Place



74 Grey Street



60 Onslow Street


Awhi Line

Our awhi line is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year

0800 MY WHANAU (0800 699 426)

Drop Us a Line

If you are looking for some assistance or interested in helping out, or just have a question then please don't hesitate to get in touch.